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When NASA first started sending astronauts into space in the 1960's, NASA was faced with a major problem. The astronaut needed a pen that would write in the vacuum of space. They realized that the ball-point pen would not work at zero gravity.

NASA went to work. At a cost of $1.5 million and two years of tests resulted in a pen that could write in space "Astronaut Pen", on almost any surface, upside down and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to over 300 Degrees Celsius. It enjoyed minor success on the commercial market.

The Russians were faced by the same dilemma. They simply used a pencil.

From that came our slogan: SIMPLICITY... IS OUR SOLUTION





“Idea” is the first step and it’s the core of Pencil’s work. Trusting ideas to provide the changing power driving big business; utilizing ideas that arrive from clear insight and active minds, these become the real service-provider.

Each piece of communication we create for our client’s campaigns has consistency in tone, concept, typography, color and layout. Whether it’s a hand tag, the letterhead, the web site or a print campaign, it all must tie together to effectively create a trustworthy brand image.





We value success in our ability to be cross-disciplinary and excel likewise at a network of the interwoven fields. We dedicate ourselves in everything from graphic designing, web designing and web development to animation. Our creative team works with a diverse range of clients. By combining art and technology, we deliver effective solutions. We keep ahead with the trends and try to introduce concepts that are absolutely new and accessible.





We challenge and uproot conventional designs to create pieces to touch the oomph factor. We approach our clients' business as we do our own. Our working strategy is to partner with our clients to redefine their brand identity. Our work begins by analyzing and strategizing from the macro to the micro details with our clients, thus the bottom line is understanding 'what' and 'why' of each client we work with.





Diversity: We have a large products list, giving you the options you need to promote and market your business to whatever level you require.

Quality: All of our products are of the highest quality, to emphasize the professionalism of your business.

Efficiency: We are committed to punctuality in meeting our deadlines, giving you the peace of mind knowing your product will be there when you need it.

Affordability: You will be surprised to see how affordable and competitive our prices.







Add   :   24 Adnan El Medany St.
        Ahmed Orabe, Mohandesen,
        Giza, Egypt
Tel   :   +2 (02) 3345-1762
Mob   :   +2 (010) 0661-3569
        +2 (012) 0000-6247
Email   :   sales@penciladv.com

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